Commercial Flood Restoration

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services in GTA Toronto 

Flood Doctor Restoration Company,  Remediate both Commercial Industrial Restoration also Condo Residential Restoration Services in GTA Toronto From a small unit space to an Industrial Facility, Condominiums, Hospitals, Malls or Commercial office buildings Flood Doctor has the experience and equipment to handle all commercial Flood Restoration needs.  We have in disposal ready to go water extraction high capacity truck mounts capable of extracting high volume water Industrial, commercial-grade built to withstand extreme catastrophes conditions. From flowing water, smoke or fire can result in further damage if not mitigated immediately, When the  (Commercial Building) property has undergone damages, Flood Doctor Commercial Restoration services is the first step to start call us now we are open 24/7 647-932-3030 our onsite consultation is free of charge within the GTA Toronto area. Our Expert team has already solved different types of Damages that happened through Water, Fire and Wind. Flood Doctor will help you in resolving restoration solutions quickly.

Commercial Flood Restoration Companies in GTA Toronto

We are the source for your Restoration Services in GTA Toronto. Our restoration team will visit the commercial property damaged area to assess the situation and start the Restoration process immediately. Our team of technicians can help you in reconstructing the space to continue business without any enduring further loss and start business operations quickly.

Steps taken for Restoration in Toronto are as follows:

1. Free on-site visit for inspection of the damaged space

2. Locate the source of damage, contain and repair.

3. Start Damage Incident report in which includes pictures, detailed Infrared analysis, witness statements, and depending on condition air quality testing for laboratory results.

4. Start Restoration process

5. Install and setup equipment and antimicrobials to reduce the damage

6. Complete the Restoration process meeting IICRC standards disaster recovery

Equipment and Chemicals used for Commercial Restoration

Some of the equipment used are Air Movers, Air Scrubbers, Carpet Cleaning Equipment, Concrete Equipment, Large industrial Dehumidifiers, Flood & Water Extraction portable units, Truck-Mounts, High capacity Vacuums, Heppa Vaciumes for contaminated areas, Floor and Cavity Drying, Inject and dry solutions, Repair and Carpet Installation tools, Odour Control Equipment and many more.

Health and safety is our priority most antibacterial agents we use are non-toxic like Benefect Botanical Disinfectant, Carpet Cleaning Chemicals, Concrete Chemicals, Floor Care Chemicals, Glass Cleaners, Fire, Soot and Smoke Cleaners, Spot and Stain Removers, Ultrasonic chemicals, Hand & Skin Care, Insecticides, Aviation Cleaning and many more.

Feel free to call us 24/7 for questions relating to Commercial & Condo Residential Restoration Services in Toronto,

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