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Home or a Commercial space will be water damaged due to heavy rain, river overflow, Pipe Leakage and sewage overflow. This would damage the sofa, table and other products in the property, damaging the structural unit. The first step is to remove the moisture from wet materials and wet Structural units. We have experience in the Structural Drying & Remediation process Toronto region. Main equipment used for quick Structural Drying & Remediation by our certified technicians are Water Claw, Hydro-X Extreme, High-Velocity Air movers and dehumidifiers. We offer Structural Drying Services 24/7 to commercial and residential property owners.

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We follow the below steps for Structural Drying & Remediation:

1) Water Extraction (Water Removal Process)
2) Airflow (Evaporation Phase)
3) Dehumidification
4) Temperature Control (Maintain Temperature)

structural drying

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