frozen burst pipes

How to Prevent Your Water Pipes From Freezing?


The onset of winter can be a worrying time for residents living in colder climates. These cooler temperatures, along with inadequate protection against the elements can lead to frozen or burst pipes. Frozen pipes are dangerous and can create an inconvenience to you and cause more damage to your property. And, these damages need for frozen pipe repair services, and it will lead to expenses for things such as pipe repair work, soggy carpets, damaged appliances, collapsed ceilings, and arranging alternative accommodation for tenants.


Steps to Prevent Freezing Pipes During Winter Months

Wondering how to deal with frozen burst pipes in your home? Here are some tips on how to prevent your water pipes from freezing in your home.

Shut off water to outdoor taps to prevent frozen burst pipes:

The first thing you can do to protect your pipes from freezing is to turn off the main shut off valve, then open up all the taps throughout the house to let the residual water drain away. Once all the water is drained from the pipes, turn them off.

Drip the taps and keep the heat on:

Allow your indoor taps to drip as it will help slow down the freezing process and also it will relieve the pressure in the pipes. The temperature in your home is crucial to prevent pipes from freezing. Turn on the heat in unused spaces or the whole house when you’re away from your home.

Open Cupboard Doors:

If you’re travelling for a day or two, leave the furnace on low and open all of the cupboard doors where water lines are located. Opening cupboard doors will let heated air to flow freely, which can also help slow down or prevent freezing. Make sure to remove and safely store your cleaning chemicals or any other hazards you’ve been keeping in the cupboards.

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