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Providing: Basement Flooding - Water Damage Emergency Services | Open 24 hours

Flood Doctor is an (IICRC) certified in the Institution of Inspection for Water Damage Restoration. Specializing in Basement Flooding Catastrophes. We provide assessments at no cost and can be at your immediate service in 1 hour within Toronto GTA. Flood Doctors Technicians have accumulated years of experience in providing residents & the Insurance industry with reliable and affordable restoration solutions. Our Flood Emergency Response units are experts in services which include; Flood & Water Damage Cleanup, Water Extraction, Pipe Burst Repair, Mold Removal, Odour Removal and Water Leak Detection Services utilizing the latest in cutting edge assessment technologies, some of the instruments we use are infrared cameras, moister meters, Mold and Biohazard onsite testing kits, micro camera line and more, these tech tools are best used for external & internal infrastructure inspections providing noninvasive minimal damage most cases none there for saving you high reconstruction expenses.

Emergency Response: 1 hour within Toronto & GTA area Guaranteed!


Commercial Restoration

Water damage to a commercial space relating from Mold, Weather or Plumbing catastrophes can endure extreme liability consequences, if not Remediated immediately. Flood Doctor can be at your assistance within 1-hour. We are a team of certified highly trained professionals with extensive experience with Hospitals, Industrial Facilities, Factories, Condominium, Malls, Commercial office buildings and more...

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Residential Restoration

Dealing with water damage caused by a storm, fire, burst pipe, basement foundation leak, Mold in your home, We understand how devastating catastrophes can be, we remediate emergency services on a daily bases. We can assure you our assistance is a call away with our immediate response time of 1-hour time of arrival. We work with all the major insurance companies and can offer economical solutions for any circumstance...

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    Our experts perform all Flood Restoration, Mitigation & Remediation including:

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    Experts in Basement flooding Emergency Water Damage Cleaning Services 

    Flood Doctor provides 24*7 Water Damage Cleanup and Flood Emergency services in GTA Toronto. We provide you with free of cost assessments and can be at your service immediately. Flood Doctor Technicians have gathered years of experience providing residents & the Insurance sector with reliable but affordable restoration solutions. 

    We have lots of customers in Toronto who trust us for different restoration services. If you have flooding and are facing difficulties removing your valuable objects, call us! We will be able to help you make the right decision. The basement walls and the useful items will start getting affected if you don’t rely on restoration services

    What Flood Doctor offers its customers in Flood Cleanup?  

    We at Flood Doctor, make sure that we study through your basement cleanup situation and calculate what flood services cleanup can be the best for you. Suppose you have a flooded basement. We will thoroughly assess your situation and come up with a solution that fits your house best. It means that if you have items in the basement, we will provide restoration services so that your valuables don’t get damaged. If your basement is empty, then we will start with keeping your walls dry and out of danger.

    Our Emergency Flood Cleanup response units are experts in Water Extraction, Pipe Burst Repair, Water Leak Detection, Odour Removal, and Mold Removal Services. We use advanced cutting-edge technology for carrying forward the restoration services. These technologies help our customers to be free from the damages of flooded water. We use moisture meters, infrared cameras, micro camera lines, Mold, and Biohazard onsite testing kits, among others. We use these tools for internal and external infrastructure inspection employing minimal damage and noninvasive methods. These technologies can save you from sending a lot for reconstruction. 

    We guarantee you that within 15 minutes to 1 hour, our team will reach you in GTA to ensure your house is safe and the restoration services are carried out without wasting time. 

    Why do you need water damage restoration services?

    From basement flooding come other difficulties, as discussed earlier. Water can be a reason for many things like producing foul smell, larva generations, valuable item damage, problems trying to dry heavy objects. We will help you with different kinds of flood services that will help you get rid of the external baggage that flooded water brings.   

    The climate around us keeps changing; we have to be prepared for every weather. If you have not yet planned water damage restoration services, it is time you give it a thought. There can be so many things that can cause water damage. Suppose there is bad weather and it rains hard, the snow was too thick this year, the pipes leak or burst or other such things that bring you to the conclusion that you need restoration services for your flooded basement

    A flooding cannot be ignored as there can be molds growing in your walls, or damps appearing here and there. So give us a call, and we will be there to help you out!


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